Facility Rental

Emmanuel is available for facility space rental



Sanctuary Space Rental

Emmanuel’s Sanctuary was designed and built in a traditional Gothic setting.  The Sanctuary has a 250 person capacity. The aisle is 50 feet long from the glass doors to the front of the Sanctuary.


Chapel Rental

The Chapel has a 30 person capacity.

Heritage Hall Space Rental (Including Full Kitchen)

Heritage Hall includes a full kitchen and has a 100 person capacity.



The Library has a 20 person capacity.


Newly Renovated Peace Lounge Space Rental

The Peace Lounge has a 100 person capacity. If you would like to browse through photographs of the newly renovated peace lounge, click “View Peace Lounge.”



All of the facilities of Emmanuel Baptist Church are smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free premises. User is responsible for restoration of church facilities to pre-use condition. Breakage or missing items will be the responsibility of the user. One-half of room fee will be refunded if an event is cancelled after the event has been approved and calendared by the church.

Application for Use of Church By Members – (2017 Form)

Application for Use of Church By Non-Members – (2017 Form)

Application Non-Members Wedding – (2017 Form)