Daily Bible Readings August 2022

August 1: Matthew 14: 13-21

Jesus asked the disciples to trust him with the five loaves and two fish and he fed the crowd.  We, too, have experienced God’s generosity.  We, too, have been fed.  May we

always trust God to provide our daily bread.


Aug. 2:  Matthew 14: 22-36

This account reminds us that God is with us in the storms of our life and can bring us

safely through if we trust in him.


Aug. 3:  Matthew 15: 21-28

In this story, the woman reminds us of the importance of being persistent in our prayers, trusting in God’s power to heal.


Aug. 4:  Matthew 16: 13-23

Jesus invites us to join in the building of the beloved community.  May we not be a stumbling block, but keep our focus.


Aug. 5:  Matthew 16: 24-28

Let us take up our cross daily and follow Jesus, knowing that God will give us the strength that we need.


Aug. 6:  Luke 9: 28b-36

As the disciples in this account did, may we experience the presence of Christ today and realize we are standing on holy ground.


Aug. 7:  Luke 12: 32-48

Jesus reminds us to be watchful and ready to welcome him into our lives.  May I not be deaf to his call and always ready to respond.


 Aug. 8:  Matthew 17: 22-27

Jesus wants us to be free to live our lives to the full, free of all that could distract us from growing in love and playing our part in building the beloved community.


Aug. 9:  Matthew 18: 1-5.10.12-14

Jesus portrays God as watching out for everyone, especially those who are vulnerable and dependent.  When I welcome a vulnerable person I am welcoming the Lord himself.



Aug. 10:  John 12: 24-26

As Jeremiah said, the Lord knows the plans he has for us, plans for our welfare and not for harm.  Let us give thanks that God is always working to bring good, to bring blessing.


Aug. 11:  Matthew 18:21-19:1

We are called to radiate God’s love and foster reconciliation and peace.  We are called to have a forgiving spirit.  May it be so!


Aug. 12:  Matthew 19: 3-12

I pray to be teachable, to have an open heart, ready to listen to what God is saying, and a heart that is gentle and kind towards others.


Aug. 13:  Matthew 19: 13-15

I thank Jesus for the children in my life, for they teach me so much about the kingdom.  I pray for all the children of the world.


Aug. 14: Luke 12: 49-53

Jesus came to reconcile us with God and one another.  May Jesus be the source of unity for my family and friends.  Help me to bear the divisions that may come because of the radicality of his message.


Aug. 15:  Luke 1: 39-56

I give thanks for God’s faithful presence in my life and the promise that I will live with him forever.


Aug. 16:  Matthew 19: 23-30

Let us give thanks tor God’s generosity and faithfulness to us.


Aug. 17:  Matthew 20: 1-16

God gives his love to every person without exception.  Let us give thanks for God’s generous love that includes all.


Aug. 18:  Matthew 22: 1-14

God’s invitation to partake of the great banquet is not restricted but is open to all.  I praise God for his goodness and mercy towards all.  I ask to be merciful and generous  as he is.


Aug. 19:  Matthew 22: 34-40

Jesus says that the greatest commandment is to “Love God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor as ourself.”  May it be so.

Aug. 20:  Matthew 23: 1-12

Authority is not for power but for empowering and enabling others.  Real authority is a form of service, not a way of control.  We are all brothers and sisters.  Jesus tells us that the greatest among us is the one who best serves the needs of those around them rather than the one who has the most impressive titles.  Who can I serve today with love?


Aug. 21:  Luke 13: 22-30

Jesus calls us to take up the cross and follow him each day.  That will bring us joy and life!


Aug. 22:  Matthew 23: 13-22

Today I pray to see my hidden faults and pray to be healed.


Aug. 23:  Matthew 23: 23-26

I pray to be ever more transparent, to God, to myself and to others.


Aug. 24:  John 1: 45-51

We pray for the grace to see the glory of the Lord in all that is around us.


Aug. 25:  Matthew 24: 42-51

We can get comfortable about the way things are, or upset and cynical about the state of the world, but do nothing to make it better.  Jesus urges us to believe that God is at work and wants us to play our part, to be faithful to our calling.


Aug. 26:  Matthew 25: 1-13

We are called to focus on the here and now, to live in the present, to seek and find God there.


Aug. 27:  Matthew 25: 14-30

We are not to be caught up in things that generate darkness and inner weariness, but are called to radiate light and communicate life.


Aug. 28:  Luke 14: 7-14

We are called to be humble, as Jesus was.  Let us pray to accept humiliations calmly and gracefully when they come.


Aug. 29:  Mark 6: 17-29

John spoke truth to power and paid the price.  I pray for courage and strength to speak the truth and witness to God’s will.

Aug. 30:  Luke 4: 31-37

May we create space for good where God’s Spirit is present.

Aug. 31:  Luke 4: 38-44

Jesus is our travelling companion through life.  Praise God!