Daily Bible Readings for December 2022

As the Advent Season begins, let us pray to keep alert so that we can recognize the Lord when he comes in our lives. Let us praise God for coming to dwell with us in Christ and prepare to welcome him into our lives.

Dec. 1:  Matthew 7: 21,24-27

This passage urges us to hear God’s words to us and act on them.  Then we will build our lives on a sure foundation that will survive the floods and storms of life.

Dec. 2:  Matthew 9: 27-31

We are invited to be transformed so that we can live in harmony with God’s will for us.

Dec. 3:  Matthew 9: 35; 10: 1, 5-8

Let us pray to look on the world around us with the compassionate eyes of Jesus.

Dec. 4, The Second Sunday of Advent

In this passage we read John’s call to repentance as he prepares the way for the coming of Jesus.  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near,” he proclaims.

Dec. 5:  Luke 5: 17-26

This passage reminds us to notice those who need our help and act with compassion.

Dec. 6:  Matthew 18: 12-14

Here we are reminded of the value of every single person.  How do I show this in my life.

Dec. 7:  Matthew 11: 28-30

“Come to me, all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest…I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls…”  Let us thank Jesus for this kind invitation!

Dec. 8:  Luke 1: 26-38

Let us rejoice that God has called us to know, love and serve him and has blessed us every day of our lives!

Dec. 9:  Matthew 11: 16-19

I ask the Lord for the freedom that opens me more fully to follow him more closely.

Dec. 10:  Matthew 17: 9-13

I pray for wisdom to recognize who is truly prophetic and have the courage to follow the truth and not be misled by false prophets.

Dec. 11: The Third Sunday of Advent:  Matthew 11: 2-11

We must be alert to the signs of the times and remember that God enjoys doing “new things!”

Dec. 12:  Luke 1: 26-38

Like Mary, I must be still enough to hear the voice of God and respond with trust and courage.

Dec. 13:  Matthew 21: 28-32

Where do you see yourself in this parable?  How are we responding to God’s call?

Dec. 14:  Luke 7: 18-23

In our world of violence and injustice, God is at work to bring healing and peace.  Help me to walk in faith and trust and join in God’s work of compassion.

Dec. 15:  Luke 7: 24-30

Jesus reminds the people that they encountered a sign of God’s presence in John.  I thank God for the people who have helped me to discover God’s ways.

Dec. 16:  John 5:  33-36

God wants us to live out of unconditional love.  How do I feel about such a mission?

Dec. 17:  Matthew 1: 1-17

This genealogy of Jesus highlights the inclusivity of Jesus’ mission.  This genealogy features five women, of whom four are Gentiles and includes some notable sinners!

Dec. 18, The Fourth Sunday of Advent:  Matthew 1: 18-24

Help us to marvel at the surprising ways God reveals himself to us as we read the story of Christ’s birth.

Dec. 19:  Luke 1: 5-25

As we read of the amazing things that happened to Zechariah and Elizabeth, let us consider what God is doing in our lives.

Dec. 20:  Luke 1: 26-38

As we read about Mary becoming the mother of Jesus, we give thanks that “nothing is impossible with God!”

Dec. 21:  Luke 1: 39-45

When Mary visited Elizabeth, they rejoiced in the ways God was blessing them.

They shared joy and love and trust in what God was doing.

Dec. 22:  Luke 1: 46-56

In the Magnificat, Mary’s grateful heart overflows with thanksgiving.  For what do I want to give thanks today?

Dec. 23:  Luke 1: 57-66

As I read of John’s birth, I pray to be filled with the gifts of praise, amazement and joy as I think of God’s grace in my own life.

Dec. 24:  Luke 1: 67-79

As we read this prophecy of Zechariah, we rejoice that God has come to rescue his people as he promised long ago.  God is coming to save us and we can be at peace.

Dec. 25, The Nativity of the Lord:  John 1: 1-18

Jesus is God’s great gift to us.  Let us pray to have room in our hearts and in our lives for him!

Dec. 26:  Matthew 10: 17-22

This passage reminds us that God will lead us through all that will happen as we follow the way of Christ.

Dec. 27:  John 20: 1-8

From Christmas to Easter, God leads us all the way as we follow Christ.  Let us follow with trust and with thanksgiving.

Dec. 28:  Matthew 2: 13-18

Here we read of the flight to Egypt and remember that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus became refugees, fleeing Herod’s violence and persecution.  We remember all who suffer today in similar ways.

Dec. 29:  Luke 2: 22-35

Simeon recognized Jesus as a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for us all.

We call Christ the “Light of the World.”  Help us to reflect that light of God’s love.

Dec. 30:  Matthew 2: 13-15, 19-23

Here we read that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus returned to Israel after Herod died and they settled in Nazareth.  God led them all the way.

Dec. 31:  John 1: 1-18

As 2022 draws to a close we rejoice that God has entered our world and has made it his permanent dwelling.  We enter the new year with trust in God’s Presence with us!