Daily Bible Readings for January 2022

Let us join together in reading and meditating on these Bible passages each day as we begin this new year.

Jan.1:  Luke 2: 16-21

God is no longer remote or shadowy.  God has come to be with us.  God has come to us in Christ.  God is present with us as we begin this new year! 

Jan.2: Matthew 2:1-12

Like the wisemen, may we follow God’s light and find new life!

Jan. 3:  Matthew 4: 12-17, 23-25

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light!  Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!”  Jesus brings healing light and launches the kingdom of heaven—rolling back the darkness.

Jan. 4:  Mark 6: 34-44

Jesus has compassion for the crowd of people.  He calls on the Twelve to share their food and serve the hungry.

Jan 5:  Mark 6: 45-52

Jesus saves the disciples from the storm.  He gets into the boat with them and says, “Take heart; it is I; do not be afraid.”

Jan. 6:  Luke 4: 14-22

This is Jesus’ mission statement!  Let me be part of that mission to bring good news, vision and freedom!

Jan. 7:  Luke 5: 12-16

Jesus taught the crowds and healed the sick and then he would withdraw to a quiet place to pray.  Do I have a balanced rhythm of action and meditation?

Jan. 8:  John 3: 22-30

We are all “wounded healers.”  I ask to learn from my failures and my wounds and trust that God can work through me to be a blessing to others.

Jan. 9:  Luke 3: 15-16, 21-22

When Jesus was baptized, a voice came from heaven, saying,” You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”  We, too, are God’s beloved children and daily receive God’s tender and compassionate care. Let us give thanks!

Jan. 10: Mark 1: 14-20

Following his baptism, Jesus publicly proclaims the good news that the reign of God has come here and now.  God makes his presence known in Jesus, come to establish true justice, with compassion for all of humanity.  He needs help to do this, so he calls disciples to follow him.  I, too, am called!

Jan. 11:  Mark 1: 21-28

Jesus preached the Good News in both word and deed.  Jesus spoke with courage and wisdom.  People recognized that he taught with authority.

Jan. 12:  Mark 1: 29-39

Well-being of spirit involves a willingness to serve.  I ask the Lord to make me truly well.

Jan 13:  Mark 1: 40-45

In this story, Jesus is moved with compassion and heals the man of his wounds. In prayer, bring to God your wounds from the past and let his love heal you.

Jan. 14:  Mark 2: 1-12

In this story, the man’s friends are determined to bring the man to Jesus for healing.  Jesus heals him in both body and spirit.  Many were amazed and praised God.  Others questioned and criticized.  What is my response?

Jan. 15: Mark 2: 13-17

There were many who followed Jesus.  They were not perfect people, but they knew they were loved and needed as disciples.  I thank God that this is true of me, as well.

Jan. 16:  John 2: 1-11

According to the Jewish Scriptures, when the Messiah comes there shall be an abundance of new wine, a symbol of God’s abundant goodness towards his people.  That Jesus turns so much water into the best of wines at the wedding in Cana is a sign that he is in fact the long-awaited Messiah.

Jan. 17:  Mark 2: 18-22

In Jesus’ parables the kingdom of heaven is often a banquet, a wedding, a party, a place of great joy.  Jesus measures our religiousness by our love.  Things are different now that he is among us.  A new era has begun.

Jan 18:  Mark 2: 23-28

Jesus demonstrates that responding to human need is what is most important.

Jan. 19:  Mark 3: 1-6

Sometimes we hide behind ‘red tape’ and regulations to avoid helping people.  But Jesus cuts through the ‘red tape’ and is always ready to help.  He can heal me if I am open to his help.

Jan. 20:  Mark 3: 7-12

Jesus knew who he was.  He did not seek popularity; he was not looking for the ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ to bolster his identity.  My identity, too, lies in my being a child of God, in my loving relationship with the source of life.

Jan. 21:  Mark 3: 13-19

The calling of the twelve is to an active sharing in the life of Jesus.  They are called to be with him, to listen and to learn from his words and life, and to share in what he wants to do for the world.  Our calling is similar.  Each of us finds that within the cluster of our own talents and gifts from God, we are called to make the corner of the world we live in a better place for all.

Jan. 22:  Mark 3: 20-21

People wondered why Jesus abandoned a secure trade as a carpenter for a wandering life.  He had run into trouble with the authorities in what seemed like a deliberate way and gathered an odd group of disciples.  He seemed indifferent to security concerns and the opinion of others.  I pray for courage to follow Jesus!

Jan 23:  Luke 1: 1-4; 4: 14-21

This is Jesus vision statement!  He has come to bring good news to the poor, proclaim release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and proclaim that God has come to be with us!

Jan. 24:  Mark 3: 22-30

The Gospel writers are trying to explain who Jesus is and what it means to call him Saviour.  How would you express it?

Jan 25:  Mark 16: 15-18

Jesus says to us, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news!” God’s reign has begun. I am called to bring justice, respect and goodness to all God’s people.

Jan 26:  Mark 4: 1-20

This parable reminds us that God intends flourishing, growth, fruitfulness abundance.  God’s word shall yield a rich harvest.

Jan. 27:  Mark 4: 21-25

Jesus wants us to let the light of his teaching shine out.  Let your light shine! Pray to be a channel of God’s love and light in the world.

Jan. 28:  Mark 4: 26-34

In this passage, the mustard seed becomes a tree for all.  The kingdom of God is for every man, woman and child.  Have you ever brought something of the kingdom of God—of love, peace, prayer, faith, justice and hope, when you didn’t recognize it?  Pray for an increase in such signs of the kingdom.

Jan. 29:  Mark 4; 35-41

I pray to keep trusting in God’s presence with me as I go through all the storms of life.  I remember Jesus’ words:  “Peace!  Be still!”

Jan. 30:  Luke 4: 21-30

Let us rejoice that God’s love is for all people and not just for some!

Jan. 31:  Mark 5: 1-20

In this passage, Jesus heals the man whose name is Legion.  Jesus shows that he is the source of power and the source of compassion.  I pray to be a healing and compassionate presence, as he was.