Daily Bible Readings For July 2021

During the summer season, let’s continue to share these Daily Bible Readings from Sacred Space as we continue our spiritual journey together.

July 1:  Mathew 9: 1-8

Jesus sees how all of us are in need of forgiveness, of being accepted.  Rather than be angry, guilty or aggressive with ourselves and others, he suggests that we assume a gentle, forgiving, or accepting attitude to our limitations.


July 2:  Matthew 9: 9-13

How inclusive and compassionate Jesus is in his ministry!  I ask myself if I am prejudiced against anyone or group.  Lord, help me become more like you in thought, word, and deed.  Make me large-hearted.


July 3:  John 20: 24-29

Jesus tells Thomas that he will have to find him present in a new way and through his faith in his love for him, as Jesus leaves and ascends to his Father.


July 4:  Mark 6: 1-6

The citizens of Nazareth recognize the wisdom of Jesus’ teaching and accept that he has performed deeds of power—yet they reject him!  Why?  Have you ever seen this dynamic of negativity and cynicism operating?  Have you ever been sucked into it yourself?


July 5:  Matthew 9: 18-26

Faith establishes a strong relationship between Jesus and ourselves, and so his power flows to us.


July 6:  Matthew 9: 32-38

Jesus has deep compassion for the needs of all people.  He sees when they are harassed and dejected, wandering and aimless like sheep without a guiding shepherd.  Each of us is called to serve and to help build the kingdom of God.  Let us pray today to know our unique vocation.


July 7:  Matthew 10: 1-7

Jesus’ call to believe the Good News is common to all, but it comes to each of us in a unique way.  Jesus calls you to be with him and then sends you out to share the Good News in a way that only you can.

July 8:  Matthew 10: 7-15

Jesus calls us to trust completely in the providence and love of God.  Help me place all my hope and trust in you—for your love and generosity are never outdone.


July 9:  Matthew 10: 16-23

To be with this reading in a prayerful way, name some of the difficulties you experience in being the best person you can be and speak to Jesus about them.  Notice how gentle, appreciative, and grateful he is for your doing the best you can!


July 10:  Matthew 10: 24-33

In this reading, Jesus continues to elaborate on the price we will pay for being his followers.  He also opens up for us the reality of his Father’s provident concern for us, of which he gives us two striking images.  One is of the Father’s care for everything in creation, even for small birds.  The second image is of the hairs of you head that the Father “counts” or gives his full attention to and cares for.


July 11:  Mark 6: 7-13

Jesus promised to be with his disciples to the end of time.  Let us trust in his empowering presence in every challenge.


July 12:  Matthew 10: 34-11:1

This passage includes a number of sayings by Jesus about discipleship.  We are to put God first.  We are to see the dignity of each and every human being, seeing his face in our neighbor, the poor and the needy, and to respond accordingly.


July 13:  Matthew 11: 20-24

Lord, open my eyes and my heart to the signs of your grace around me.  Help me hear your message, even if it calls me to repent and change direction.


July 14:  Matthew 11: 25-27

Jesus desires to reveal his Father’s “gracious will” to all.  Each of us needs to have the openness of a little child to it.  Perhaps he wills that we appreciate more who we already are than who we might yet become.


July 15:  Matthew 11: 28-30

A yoke is used to join two animals together to pull the load.  Jesus invites us to be yoked to him!  Then we will be able to bear the burden and find rest.


July 16:  Matthew 12: 1-8

In this reading we meet Jesus as one who believes that all law must serve the law of love.  His love for us must shape the way we see ourselves and others, the way we relate to God and to all creation.  This law finds its fullness in Jesus.  Jesus calls us to believe the Good News of his love for us.  Jesus calls us to love ourselves and others as he has loved us.  Help us to put love before all else.


July 17:  Matthew 12: 14-21

How can I walk in Jesus’ footsteps and imitate him?  Perhaps by helping refugees, by working for justice, by taking action to protect the earth, by welcoming into my life the marginalized and the excluded.


July 18:  Mark 6: 30-34

In the midst of our busy lives, we need times to stop and rest in God’s loving presence in prayer and receive God’s peace.


July 19:  Matthew 12: 38-42

People see Jesus through you and me.  As Christians, as the church, we are always to be witnesses to God’s love and mercy.


July 20:  Matthew 12: 46-50

Jesus invites us to become disciples.  This does not mean plodding along after him but becoming a cherished member of his family!


July 21:  Matthew 13: 1-9

In this parable, most of the seed falls on good ground, bringing forth abundant fruit!  Let us sow the seed with this hope and expectation.


July 22:  John 20: 1-2, 11-18

Our Christian faith requires us to avoid trying too hard to grasp at miracles, and at the same time, be open to the force of the hints and traces of himself which Jesus makes available to us.


July 23:  Matthew 13: 18-23

As we read Jesus’ parables, let us appreciate just how full of wisdom they are—wisdom that is expressed in language anyone can understand!


July 24:  Matthew 13: 24-30

Sometimes we may think that perfection is acquired by becoming aware of our faults and working to root these out.  Be with Jesus and let him teach you to appreciate the fullness of life Jesus has already given you, all that is good and even beautiful about your life.


July 25:  John 6: 1-15

The small offering of the young man fed the people.  God can make much of what we offer.  We never know where our efforts to love, to help, and to support others may bear fruit.

July 26:  Matthew 13: 31-35

The way Jesus leads us into his love will always be slow and gentle, for it depends on how ready and willing we are to accept or believe in it.  Jesus is always sensitive to, respectful of, and deferential toward you concerning how much of his love and plan you are willing and ready to adopt.


July 27:  Matthew 13: 36-43

The force of this parable, of the wheat and the weeds, hits us every day.  It is about having patience with the persistence of evil in the world.  We have to fight evil, but trust that the final judgment lies with God.


July 28:  Matthew 13: 44-46

What is my pearl, the thing I value most?  What is that buried treasure for which I would be willing to sacrifice everything?  What would the world be like if the pearl I seek were to be serving the poor and marginalized and working for peace and justice?  Jesus says the world would then be like the kingdom of heaven!


July 29:  Luke 10: 38-42

What can we learn from Jesus’ friendship with the family at Bethany and his words

to Mary and Martha in this passage?


July 30:  Matthew 13: 54-58

Imagine what it was like for Jesus when his own people took offense at him.  Recall what it is like for you when people reject you.  Allow Jesus to do deeds of power through you for the good of others.


July 31:  Matthew 14: 1-12

Speaking truth to power is never easy.  I pray for the courage and wisdom I need to say what I believe to be true, to be always a person of integrity.