Daily Bible Readings for June 2022

During the summer months let’s continue to read and meditate on these Bible passages each day.

June 1:  John 17: 11-19

Let us give thanks for Jesus’ prayer for his disciples for protection, for unity, for joy, for truth!  It is his prayer for us, as well!

June 2:  John 17: 20-26

Here we read Jesus’ prayer for us: “Father, may the love with which you have loved me be in them, and I in them.”  May it be so.

June 3:  John 21: 15-19

In this Post-Resurrection appearance of the risen Christ, Peter is chosen to continue the ministry of Jesus by humble service to others.  Let us give thanks that we, too, are called to continue Jesus’ ministry.

June 4:  John 21: 20-25

John’s Gospel is his testimony to the great things the Lord has done.  How grateful we are for this written testimony!

June 5:  Pentecost Sunday: John 14: 15-16. 23b-26

Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, will be sent to us, that the Father will make his home with us, will love us, will teach us, forever!  Let us rejoice!

June 6:  John 19: 25-34

I pray to be with Jesus in loving presence with him and for others.

June 7: Matthew 5: 13-16

We are called to be salt and light, to bring zest and vision, so that all may give glory to the Father!

June 8:  Matthew 5: 17-19

When we pray, we enter and relax into the mystery of God’s love, each in our own way.

June 9:  Matthew 5: 20-26

The Spirit calls us to be changed, to become more loving, kinder, more merciful and more just, to be transformed!  May it be so!

June 10: Matthew 5: 27-32

We can ask God to help us not to do things that would harm others, but rather to bring blessing.

June 11:  Matthew 5: 33-37

We pray to be faithful in thought, word, and deed.  Let us build people up by kind words, rather than words of criticism.

June 12:  John 16: 12-15

The mystery of the Trinity is at the heart of this passage.  Augustine said, “If you see charity, you see the Trinity.”

June 13:  Matthew 5: 38-42

Where do I need more generosity or freedom to respond to the vision that Jesus puts before me in this passage?

June 14: Matthew 5: 43-48

As I pray for those who bring blessings to me, I pray that I may include others in a widening circle of compassion.

June 15:  Matthew 6: 1-6. 16-18

What does this passage tell me about myself?  Can I do a good deed for someone without anyone knowing about it?

June 16:  Matthew 6: 7-15

As I focus on The Lord’s Prayer, I pray that I may be generous and free in my giving to others, as I see that everything I give comes from God.  As I pray for forgiveness, I make myself ready for healing by not harboring resentment.

June 17:  Matthew 6: 19-23

Where is our security?  What is our treasure?  Jesus wants to hold our hearts and be our treasure.

June 18:  Matthew 6: 24-34

I review my wants and desires and ask God’s help to be happy with the good things that I enjoy, to resist being wistful about what I am told I lack.

June 19:  Luke 9: 11-17

Mother Teresa said about Jesus:  “He uses us to be his love and compassion in the world in spite of our weaknesses and frailties.”  In this miracle, Jesus does not produce food out of nowhere.  He takes the little that the apostles have, and he multiplies it a thousandfold.  No matter how little I think I have to give, once I freely place my gifts in Jesus’ service they become limitless.

June 20:  Matthew 7: 1-5

We are to act toward others as God acts toward us.  We are to enhance the dignity of others and never despise them.  It is said that we judge ourselves by our intentions but judge others only by their actions!  God wants me to look lovingly on others and to judge them favorably.

June 21: Matthew 7: 6, 12-14

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  The Golden Rule is a standard of true love.  Jesus calls us to love others as we love ourselves.

June 22:  Matthew 7: 15-20

We are called to be alert and attentive so that we can reflect and discern what is true.

June 23:  Luke 1: 57-66.80

This story of the birth of John describes the Lord’s act of great mercy.  The people rejoice and give praise to God.  John grows and becomes strong in spirit, a prophet of God.  God intends our salvation and John plays an important role.

June 24:  Luke 15: 3-7

What have been my wilderness experiences and how has God brought me through them?    I give thanks!

June 25:  Luke 2: 41-51

This vignette is the last we will hear of Jesus’ early years.  Jesus is entering his teens.  We see already the gradual, slow but steady growing into his sense of identity and mission.  I pray for all the children of the world today.

June 26:  Luke 9: 51-62

Jesus asks for commitment—real commitment.  The time for it is now.  We are to proclaim the kingdom of God and live it every day.

June 27:  Matthew 8: 18-22

In this reading Jesus challenges us with the seriousness of our decision to follow him.  How does this challenge make you feel?

June 28:  Matthew 8: 23-27

Here the disciples cry out, “Lord, save us!  We are perishing!”  I ask for simple trust and share in their wonder at the power present in the person of Jesus.

June 29:  Matthew 16: 13-19

Peter does well in this exchange with Jesus, but we remember that he later denies that he even knows Jesus.  Peter came to know that he could no longer trust himself, but must depend totally on Jesus.  Then he could respond to Jesus’ call:  “Feed my lambs…”

June 30:  Matthew 9: 1-8

In this account, Jesus says to the paralytic, “Take heart, your sins are forgiven.”  The healing started when the man knew of God’s approval and love.  When I become aware of God’s forgiveness and love, I find the energy and strength to get on my feet and walk, as this man did.