Daily Bible Readings For November 2021

As we move toward the Advent Season, let’s continue to share these Daily Bible Readings from Sacred Space as we continue our spiritual journey together.

Nov. 1: Matthew 5: 1-12a

As we read the Beatitudes today we give thanks for all who have lived faithful lives, true to the vision and spirit of the Gospel.

Nov. 2:  John 6: 37-40

May I give thanks for everything that is good as a gift from God and may I embrace the life that God offers.

Nov. 3: Luke 14: 25-33

I pray today to continually grow in humility and trust in God.

Nov. 4:  Luke 15: 1-10

Jesus gives these two examples of people searching for what is precious to them, and their joy when they find it.  God is like this, seeking us, and joyful when our relationship is renewed.

Nov. 5: Luke 16: 1-8

How am I managing the gifts God has given me?  They are meant to be at the service of those who are most needy.

Nov. 6:  Luke 16: 9-15

To walk the path of faithfulness and justice is not easy—to be true to oneself and honest with one another is a task we must work at.  Jesus tells us that we cannot serve two masters; we cannot sit on the fence.  We must come down on the side of righteousness.  Lord, remove everything that causes us to stumble or fall, and as we walk through life, help us keep our eyes on you.

Nov. 7: Mark 12: 38-44

God looks at our heart and our readiness to give generously.  Am I free to be generous even in my poverty, as the woman in this passage?

Nov. 8:  Luke 17: 1-6

I pray for care and attention to how I am in my relationships.  I ask God to help me see how I help others to grow by how I give attention and by how I forgive.

Nov. 9:  John 2: 13-22

Let us give thanks for being a part of God’s church and do our part to keep it faithful and alive for those who come after us.

Nov. 10:  Luke 17: 11-19

The lepers in this passage were able to recognize their need and call on Jesus to help them.  I consider how ready I am to see my needs and to ask for the help I need.  Petition and praise are essentials of prayer.

Nov. 11:  Luke 17: 20-25

The kingdom of God is among us!  Wherever we give or receive love, kindness, gentleness, compassion, and generosity, we experience the kingdom.

Nov. 12;  Luke 17: 26-37

Many overwhelming events catch us by surprise.  They cause us to stop and think about what is most important.

Nov. 13:  Luke 18: 1-8

I thank God today for his loving care and ask for the gift of persevering prayer.

Nov. 14:  Mark 13: 24-32

We give thanks that the word of God spoken in love, always a light in life, will never pass away.

Nov. 15:  Luke 18: 35-43

I, too, can ask to see again, to see God’s presence in my life and the life of the world, to see what the Lord wants me to do.  I thank God for his merciful and reassuring presence in my life.

Nov. 16:  Luke 19: 1-10

I imagine myself in this story.  Would I be like Zacchaeus, the complaining crowd, or the merciful Jesus?  After meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus promised to mend his ways.  I ask Jesus for his help in living more faithfully.

Nov. 17:  Luke 19: 11-28

I ask not to underestimate the value of being faithful in small things, in my relationships, in carrying out my responsibilities, in my life of faith and service.

Nov. 18:  Matthew 14: 22-33

Peter had courage when his eyes were on Jesus but foundered when he focused on himself and his situation.  I ask God to help me keep Jesus before me.

Nov. 19:  Luke 19: 45-48

I ask to be open to God’s presence in Jesus, ready to learn what God would teach me.

Nov. 20:  Luke 20: 27-40

I pray not to be drawn into traps of pride or intelligence and for the courage to live in the simplicity to which Jesus calls me.

Nov. 21:  John 18: 33b-37

Let us consider what the kingship of Christ truly means.  Jesus is called both king and Suffering Servant.

Nov. 22: Luke 21: 1-4

I ask God for an open heart, ready to give all, like the woman in this story.

Nov. 23:  Luke 21: 5-11

Now we are coming to the end of the Christian Year.  Advent begins next Sunday.  I think about the endings during the past few years.  How did God help me through those times?

Nov. 24:  Luke 21: 12-19

Many today continue to suffer from lack of freedom to live out their life of faith, just as the martyrs of the past.  I pray for them today.

Nov. 25:  Luke 17: 11-19

The men in this story were all healed, but only one took time to thank Jesus.  Prayer includes asking, receiving, recognizing, appreciating, and giving thanks.

Nov. 26:  Luke 21: 29-33

Do I have the courage to start again when I fall?  Jesus’ parable about the fig tree reminds us that we are given second chances to bear fruit.

Nov. 27:  Luke 21: 34-36

Prayer helps us grow in knowledge of self and of God.  It invites us to the “still point” of the soul.  Do I accept this invitation?

Nov. 28:  Luke 21: 12-19

Jesus offers assurance that he will support his followers and make them strong.  We can trust in God in all circumstances.

Nov. 29:  The First Sunday of Advent:  Mark 13: 33-37

Advent begins today.  Let us keep awake as we prepare for Christ’s coming again.

Nov. 30:  Matthew 4: 18-22

Jesus comes to call us to follow him.  Help me be ready to respond with joy.