Daily Bible Readings for the Season After Pentecost, 2020

Let’s continue to share daily readings during this Season after Pentecost as we reflect on the Presence and gifts of God’s Spirit with us during these difficult days.  These readings and reflection questions come from Sacred Space.

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Page 5: June 29 – July 4


Pentecost Sunday, May 31:  John 20: 19-23

Allow the word Peace to echo in your mind and heart.  Let the word and all it may mean fill your body and remain within you.  It is the constant promise of Jesus to his followers.  It is a gift nobody can take from us.  Give time each day to receive this gift of God’s Spirit.  He gives it without even being asked.  As you receive peace from God, send this peace in a prayer to those close to you or those who may sorely need prayer today.


June 1: Acts 1: 1-5 and 2: 1-8

As you read of the Day of Pentecost and the impact of the coming of God’s Spirit,

reflect on the gifts God’s Spirit is giving you today.


June 2:  John 14: 15-27

Jesus calls God’s Spirit our “Advocate” who will be with us forever, to guide us, to comfort us, and to give us courage for our life.  Let us give thanks.


June 3:  John 17: 9-26

Jesus prays with great love and concern for his disciples.  Focus on the content of his prayer for them and for us.


June 4:  Mark 12: 28-34

Jesus takes our questions seriously and points to what is most important.  The heart of our life is to love  God and love our neighbor.


June 5:  Mark 12: 38-44

True love is a decision to respond generously.


June 6:  John 15: 12-17

Jesus says to us, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”


June 7:  John 3: 16-18

“God so loved the world” is the whole message of Jesus, expressed in his words and embodied, directly or indirectly, in the whole of his life.