Daily Bible Readings for January 2021

As we begin this new year, let’s share in these Daily Bible Readings from Sacred Space as we continue our journey of faith.

Jan.1, 2021:  Luke 2: 16-21

Have our Christmas celebrations brought us closer to Jesus, or have we found it difficult to find oases of quiet time in which to enter deeply into the mystery of it all?  How do we feel about beginning this new year?  Let us ask God for his blessing on the days and months ahead as we continue our journey of faith.

Jan. 2:  John 1: 19-28

May John the Baptist stir in me a longing to look for the One who is coming.  In Jesus I see that our Loving Father is pure gift of everlasting love.  In God I know my real worth and the value of everyone and everything in my life.

Jan 3:  Matthew 2: 1-12:  Epiphany of the Lord

The Wisemen were called to follow the star in order to find the fullness of life only Jesus can give.  “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  What is the nature of the star you follow?  Ask God if this is the star he wishes you to follow.

Jan 4:  Matthew 4: 12-17, 23-25

Here we are at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  He leaves Nazareth and settles in Capernaum.  He calls people to repentance and proclaims the Good News of the reign of God, healing all kinds of sickness.  Do I catch the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowds, come from far and wide?

Jan 5:  Mark 6: 34-44

The people of God had always looked forward to the coming of the Messiah or Savior—who would usher in an era of plenty with a feast for God’s family.  And this is what Jesus here provides.  God, in Jesus, is ready to shower abundance upon us.  We thank God for his gifts.

Jan 6:  Mark 6:45-52

Jesus is strong enough to carry out his plan for my life.  Let us “take heart and not be afraid,” for God is with us.

Jan.7:  Luke 4: 14-22a

Lord, open my heart to the broken body of Christ revealed in my suffering brothers and sisters.  Make me hunger for justice and work for peace.  May your compassion be a constant burning fire in my life.

Jan 8:  Luke 5: 12-16

We find that Jesus prayed at key times:  before calling the twelve, at the time of temptation and the struggle at his Passion and death, and very often as part of his daily life.  His ministry needed the support and life-giving energy of his relationship with his Father.  Our life of love needs the energy of prayer.  In prayer we are brought deeper into the source of our convictions and commitments to God and others.

Jan 9:  John 3: 22-30

John knew that he was to prepare the way for Jesus.  With his mission accomplished, he can retire with joy.  He would soon suffer martyrdom.  In my life, is Jesus increasing, becoming more and more?

Jan 10:  Mark 1: 7-11:  The Baptism of the Lord

Jesus knows his identity.  The imprint of the Spirit has sealed his life.  Lord, remind me that I too bear your seal of approval.  I am marked by your Spirit, called to participate in your mission as your beloved son or daughter.

Jan 11:  Mark 1: 14-20

Jesus chooses as his companions very ordinary people—like me.  Lord, in all my human interactions may I bring your good news to others.

Jan 12:  Mark 1: 21-28

We see in Jesus what it can mean to be fully human:  compassionate, fearless, loving, with a passion for justice and awareness of what is in the human heart.  It is by watching him and pondering his words and behavior that I too will learn what it is to be human.

Jan 13:  Mark 1: 29-39

The first hours of Jesus’ ministry are a whirlwind of activity.  When Jesus enters human lives, things change fast and for the better, for those who are open.  A new creation is here!   Am I seeking to get close to Jesus, or am I just a spectator?

Jan. 14:  Mark 1: 4-45

Jesus is moved with pity.  He touches the leper, speaks to him, and gives him freedom to be fully human again.  For whom do I feel pity?  Whom do I touch?

Jan. 15:  Mark 2: 1-12

The paralytic depends on his friends to bring him to Jesus.  It is their faith that Jesus acknowledges and responds to.  How do I show my love for others?

Jan 16:  Mark 2: 13-17

Jesus includes those most in need of his healing.  How inclusive is our attitude toward others?  Would we have felt comfortable at Levi’s dinner party?

Jan 17:  John 1: 35-42

What are the deepest longings of my restless heart?  What am I aiming for and trying to get out of life?  I have so often only half-heard the invitation of Jesus to come closer, to make my home with him.  Lord, help me find you ever more deeply in my times of prayer.

Jan. 18:  Mark 18-22

God calls me to growth and new life.  I pray that I may receive all the goodness God has to offer, being made anew in the image of God.

Jan. 19:  Mark 2: 23-28

Lord, when human need was crying out to you, the law took second place.  You showed that the sabbath and the law were made for humankind, not vice versa.  But it took courage as well as clarity of mind to state the obvious.

Jan 20:  Mark 3: 1-6

Lord, when you celebrated the Sabbath by healing, the Pharisees responded by plotting to kill you.  You were showing that God does not want to make our lives more difficult, and does not impose arbitrary rules on us.  The great commandment is the law of love.  Would people who know me be able to say that I follow the law of love?

Jan 21:  Mark 3: 7-12

Loving energy flows out from Jesus.  I, too, need the healing touch of the Son of God.  Do I radiate healing to others?

Jan 22:  Mark 3: 13-19

I, too, have been chosen by Jesus to be part of his mission.  I recognize that others, too, have been chosen, and together we are to follow Jesus’ way of love.

Jan 23:  Mark 3: 20-21

The intensity and passion with which Jesus lived and served people shocked his family.  Reflect about how passionate Jesus is about your life, and realizing his dream for you.

Jan 24:  Mark 1: 14-20

Let Jesus call you by name and call you to be with him as his friend, and then to share in his work.

Jan 25:  Mark 16: 15-18

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”  Nobody is to be considered out of bounds when it comes to spreading Jesus’ message.

Jan. 26:  Mark 3: 31-35

Remember Jesus’ words:  “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business.  Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”

Jan 27:  Mark 4: 1-20

My part is to receive God’s word, give it roots and depth so that it survives hardships, and protect it from the thorns of multiple cares and desires.  If I allow God’s word some space in my life, there is no limit to the fruit it may bear.

Jan 28:  Mark 4: 21-25

Jesus wants us to let the light of his teaching shine out.  Do I allow the light of Christ to shine out before others?  

Jan. 29:  Mark 4: 26-34

The mustard seed becomes a tree for all; the kingdom of God is for every man, woman, and child.  Help me to witness to the love, peace, faith, justice, and hope of the kingdom.

Jan. 30:  Mark 35-41

Lord, help me to trust in you when the storms arise in my life.  Help me to remember that you are with me.

Jan. 31:  Mark 1: 21-28

At some point in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed by our difficulties.  We need to turn to a power beyond ourselves and remember that God comes close to us in those times of great need.