Daily Bible Readings for October 2022

Let us continue to share in reading and reflecting on these daily readings during this fall season.

Oct. 1;  Luke 10: 17-24

This passage reminds us that, just as the seventy disciples who were sent out by Jesus, we, too, have a role to play in preparing the way for Jesus’ coming.

Oct. 2:  Luke 17: 5-10

Jesus seems to be saying here that if we have faith that is only the size of a mustard seed, it is enough!

Oct. 3:  Luke 10: 25-37

Let us reflect on what Jesus’ parable of “The Good Samaritan” teaches us about how we are to live.

Oct. 4:  Luke 10: 38-42

Jesus sees that Martha is too worried and distracted to be able to really listen to him.  How is it with me?

Oct. 5:  Luke 11: 1-4

Prayer was essential for Jesus—for his identity and his mission.  Prayer expressed Jesus’ relationship with his Father.  He taught us how to pray and he made time for it himself, no matter what needs and demands pressed on him.  May I do the same.

Oct. 6:  Luke 11: 5-13

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”

I pray for trust in God’s goodness and generosity.

Oct. 7: Luke 11: 15-26

This passage reminds us to  be vigilant and guard our hearts, praying for the presence of the Spirit.

Oct. 8:  Luke 11: 27-28

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  May this be true of me.

Oct. 9:  Luke 17: 11-19

The leper in this story of healing first expresses his trustful petition and then expresses his thanks to God.  Petition and praise—the two movements of prayer.

Oct. 10:  Luke 11: 29-32

Like Jonah, we can be called upon to be a conduit through which God’s will is accomplished.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter if our hearts are not in what we do—the fact that we do it can be enough for God to achieve astonishing results through us.

Oct. 11:  Luke 11: 37-41

The Pharisees were good people, keen to observe the law as perfectly as possible, but this often made them blind to more important things.  How is it with me?  I pray for light and for integrity in all that I do and for pardon for being so inconsistent.

Oct. 12:  Luke 11: 42-46

Jesus warns against observing the minute requirements of the law and forgetting its spirit, “neglecting justice and the love of God.”  I ask for the vision and openness to observe the whole law, letter and spirit.

Oct. 13:  Luke 11: 47-54

This passage reminds us of the powerful presence of evil in our world.  I pray to be always on the side of good, truth, justice, and peace.

Oct. 14:  Luke 12: 1-7

This passage urges us not to fear, for “even the hairs of our heads are counted.”

Oct. 15:  Luke 12: 8-12

I pray for the grace to keep an open heart, ready to listen and trust.  If we continually resist the promptings of the Holy Spirit we will end up hardening our hearts to an extent that we are closed even to receive forgiveness.

Oct. 16: Luke 18: 1-8

This passage is both an invitation and an encouragement to pray without ceasing, confident of God’s desire to respond.

Oct. 17:  Luke 12: 13-21

This parable is told as a warning against greed.  The landowner stored his surplus crop, instead of helping to feed and support poorer farmers.  How generous am I?

Oct. 18:  Luke 10: 1-9

Help me to rejoice that the kingdom of God is very near.

Oct. 19:  Luke 12: 39-48

This is a call to be attentive, alert, and responsible!

Oct. 20:  Luke Luke 12: 49-53

Jesus knows that the radical purity of his message will cause people to waver and doubt and oppose his message.  He puts his trust in God alone, and so must we.

Oct. 21: Luke 12: 54-59

Jesus calls us to discernment and action in the world, rather than living comfortable lives and giving in to laziness and distraction.

Oct. 22:  Luke 13: 1-9

As we read this passage, let us pray to be merciful like the gardener in the parable.

Oct. 23:  Luke 18: 9-14

This passage reminds me to ask for light to see and feel the deep roots pride has in my heart and for the grace of real humility.

Oct. 24:  Luke 13: 10-17

Jesus’ opponents criticized Jesus for healing the woman on the sabbath. The woman who was healed praised God and the crowd joined her in rejoicing, and so may we.

Oct. 25:  Luke 13: 18-21

Jesus always compares the Kingdom to something small, which then grows into something big and life-giving, slowly but surely.  May we be people of hope, who see God’s strong presence active in the world, trusting that the Kingdom is growing.

Oct. 26:  Luke 13: 22-30

This passage urges us to focus on what really matters and keep our attention on our central mission of bringing the Good News to all.

Oct. 27:  Luke 13: 31-35

Jesus does not seem overawed by the threat posed by Herod.  He does not run away.  His integrity was his strength against those who relied on their ability to be violent.  We live in a violent world, so I pray for integrity that I might not be afraid and hold firm to what is true and right.

Oct. 28:  Luke 6: 12-16

Jesus spent the whole night in prayer to his Father before his chose his twelve disciples.  May I consult God about the decisions that I have to make in life.

Oct. 29:  Luke 14: 7-11

In this parable, Jesus reminds us to guard against seeking honor and advantage over others in our everyday dealings in our competitive world.

Oct. 30:  Luke 19: 1-10

Jesus could see what Zacchaeus really desired in the depths of his heart.  Through their encounter, salvation came to him.  I try to imagine myself in this scene.  Would I be like Zacchaeus, the complaining crowd or the merciful Jesus?

Oct. 31:  Luke 14: 12-14

Jesus invites us to have a free and open and generous heart.