Daily Bible Readings for September

Let us join together in meditating on these Bible readings as we begin this new fall season.


Sept.1:  Luke 5: 1-11

Lord, you tell me, as you told Simon, to “Put out into the deep water.”  You are ready to surprise me with the depths I can find.  Open me to recognizing your hand in my daily encounters.


Sept. 2:  Luke 5: 33-39

Sometimes we try to patch up our lives with half efforts when a deeper change is really required.  Trust in God to help you make changes when they are needed, for God can do more in us than we can ask or imagine.  Let God direct you, listen and trust.


Sept 3:  Luke 6; 1-5

If I find myself like the Pharisees in judging, I pray to be like them, too, in asking what Jesus thinks.


Sept 4:  Luke 14: 25-33

Jesus wants us to know the scale of the task ahead of us; when it seems too much for us, what are we to do?  May I have the humility and trust always to seek God’s help.


Sept 5:  Luke 6: 6-11

How are we on our priorities in life—do we sometimes hide behind our duties rather than have compassion?  When we receive acts of kindness, let us be grateful.


Sept 6:  Luke 6: 12-19

Lord, I come to you in this time of prayer to feel your presence.  Let me hear again your call to me.  Let me sense your power at work in and through me.


Sept 7:  Luke 6: 20-26

Each of the Beatitudes describes a human condition from which we would want to move along, yet Jesus proclaims them as states of blessing.  I ask Jesus to help me to look again that I may see what grace is present despite appearances.


Sept 8:  Matthew 1: 1-16, 18-23

As we read this account of the genealogy of Jesus, let us meditate on the wonder of the Incarnation, God coming to be with us in Christ!

Sept 9:  Luke 6: 39-42

Lord, make me more aware of my inadequacies, so that I may become gentle in dealing with others.


Sept 10:  Luke 6: 43-49

We face many storms today.  Without firm foundations I am in danger of being swept away.  You search me and know, so grant me wisdom and strength to listen to your word and live according to your truth.  You are my sure and only foundation in times of distress and upheaval.


Sept. 11:  Luke 15: 1-32

Let us meditate on the Parable of the Prodigal Son and the actions of the three characters in the story.  I ask God to help me learn from this powerful parable of Jesus.


Sept 12:  Luke 7: 1-10

The centurion in this encounter with Jesus shows compassion, humility and faith.  I pray to receive those gifts of the Spirit.


Sept 13:  Luke 7: 11-17

In this encounter, Jesus has compassion for the woman whose son has died and Jesus restores him to life.  May I, too, praise God for saving graces I have received.


Sept 14:  John 3: 13-17

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”  I praise God for the depth of God’s love and mercy!


Sept 15:  Luke 2: 33-35

Jesus’ parents were amazed at what Simeon said about the baby.  They gradually discovered what his words meant.


Sept 16:  Luke 8: 1-3

This passage illustrates the call of the women who followed Jesus.  Each disciple has an important role to play, including me.


Sept 17:  Luke 8: 4-15

Let us thank God for the parables of Jesus and all they teach us.


Sept 18:  Luke 16: 1-13

“Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much…”  Lord, help me to be faithful in all things!


Sept 19:  Luke 8: 16-18

Let us pray to become light for others, as we are called to be.


Sept 20:  Luke 8: 19-21 

Let us thank God that we, too, are called to be part of God’s family, those who hear God’s word and do it!


Sept 21:  Matthew 9: 9-13

Jesus called Matthew, the tax-collector, to be a disciple.  Jesus saw need and goodness where others saw only villainy.  Lord, give me new eyes for seeing!


Sept 22:  Luke 9: 7-9

Lord, may I recognize you in the moments of grace that come my way.  May I be open to you, no matter under what disguise you come to me.


Sept 23:  Luke 9: 18-22

Let us praise God for revealing the depth of his love through Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection!


Sept. 24:  Luke 9: 43-45

When we are perplexed and in need of deeper understanding, let us ask God to give us wisdom and greater insight.


Sept 25: Luke 16: 19-31

This parable of Jesus calls us to examine our life-style and priorities.  Let us ask God to help us change and live in ways that witness to the beloved community.


Sept 26:  Luke 9: 46-50

Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me and welcomes God; for the least among all of you is the greatest.”  This was Jesus’ response to his disciples’ question, “Who among us is the greatest?”  Let me learn from Jesus’ response.


Sept 27:  Luke 9: 51-56

Jesus was steadfast, “he set his face towards Jerusalem.”  He was not distracted by any setbacks.  I pray for a steadfast spirit that I may follow Jesus to the end.


Sept 28:  Luke 9: 57-62

I ask for strength day by day to follow Jesus and to be faithful always.


Sept 29:  John 1: 47-51

As Jesus saw and loved Nathanael, so he sees and loves us!


Sept. 30: Luke 19: 13-16

Jesus’ ministry took place among the vulnerable.  What about us?  Jesus teaches us not to seek power and prestige, but to walk with him.