Emmanuel and Holmstead School Volunteered at the Family Promise Walk-in Dinner

COVID 19 has changed a lot of things and certainly has affected the Homeless Shelter on River Street in Hackensack. Each year Emmanuel has signed up for a day of providing dinner for the homeless and bringing the food to the Hackensack Shelter. God’s hand is certainly at work in this venture; with 365 days in a year, each day a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other organization delivers a complete hot meal to the shelter to feed 150 people.
The shelter is no longer lodging clients nor feeding them inside the building because they are unable to exercise the social distancing required under the COVID 19 guidelines.
Now the hot food is delivered to the shelter by 3:15 p.m. by the volunteer organization for that day and then staff and volunteers will pack individual meals for 150 clients each night and deliver the meals to the homeless where they are placed throughout the county. Some meals are reserved for clients for pick-up only at the shelter.
Emmanuel and Holmstead School partner in this venture.
So thank you to: Regina Finnegan, Barbara O’Dea and Daria Patti from Holmstead School and Peter Demetryk, Pastor Ken, Carol, Wally and Lynn Krzymenski, Nancy Shaver, Brent Sjaardema, John Thomas, Anita Powell-Byrd and Marilyn Clark from Emmanuel for making this year’s dinner possible. It is a privilege to be part of this project.