How to: Start A Zoom Meeting

Here are the steps:

(The ‘Host’ or whoever has access to our Zoom account can ‘Start’ the meeting.)

Using your computer/laptop:

  1. Go to and Sign in
  2. Enter email address & password (this would be our Church’s Zoom account login info)
  3. On the left panel, click Meetings
  4. You should see all the meetings that have been scheduled already. Find the meeting you will be hosting and then click ‘Start’

Using your iPad/iPhone:

  1. Go to your Zoom app (or download it if you haven’t done so)
  2. Sign in (already signed in but not sure if it’s with our Church’s Zoom account? Go to Settings — it should say Emmanuel Church. If it’s your personal account, click on it and scroll down to find ‘Sign Out.’
  3. Once signed in, click ‘Meetings’ (lower panel)
  4. Find the meeting you will be hosting and click Start. 
  • The host can assign another Co-Host once the meeting has started. Adding an alternative co-host is not available in our current account plan. 
  • Meetings are scheduled beforehand and links are sent to our members by direct email or using our newsletter.
  • The host’s name is added next to the meeting but not for recurring meetings that have different hosts. 

Hope this helps!