Lent: The Season of Renewal

Any authentic religion always issues in personal transformation. This is exactly the message of the Easter season, the transformation from “death” into new life, from despair, hopelessness, egocentricity and hatred into joy, abundance and self-giving love. March 6 is Ash Wednesday. Thus begins the start of a season of reflection and introspection leading to Easter day. Sometimes it helps clear our minds if our stomachs are not always full and our physical indulgences not always satisfied and so some people fast. The real point of the Lenten season, however, is not what we give up but what we take on, especially taking on the responsibility of being honest with God and honest with ourselves. Lent is the season when we can look at ourselves with radical honesty and with the radical love and acceptance God has bestowed on us. In actuality, this kind of spiritual reflection is not something for a season but for a lifetime. It is our labor of love and God’s gift to us; the ability to be continually transformed and to use every experience and season of life as a means of receiving God’s grace.

We will have some special gatherings at Emmanuel this year to provide a space for you to make the most of Lent:

March 20 – Wednesday Soup Dinner & Devotion 6-7 pm Peace Lounge

March 27 – Wednesday Soup Dinner & Devotion 6-7 pm Peace Lounge

April 3 – Wednesday Soup Dinner & Devotion 6-7 pm Peace Lounge

April 18 – Community Maundy Thursday service at Emmanuel – – – Simple Supper at 6 pm / Service at 7 pm