Relationship Boot Camp

All of us desire authentic, meaningful, and honest relationships but sometimes it is difficult to find them, especially when we are dealing with difficult and challenging people or when our own personal fears and relationship histories stand in our way.


Until we are conscious in our relationships, our unconsciousness is interacting with another’s unconsciousness. In Relationship BootCamp, we are going to learn how energy, the unseen and even unspoken “vibe” that occurs between people, affects our relationships. And how energy dynamics, the invisible and intangible ways in which we play off each other, can lead us to discord and drama or clarity and calmness.

Learning and applying basic energy principles will enable you to stop playing unconscious games with others, disengage from drama, be in your truth, and create healthy authentic relationships. This group will give you a chance to find new tools with which to approach all your relationships in a fresh way. It is also a place to hear each other and to share the challenges and successes you are having in building new kinds of relationships. The topics will include communication, anger, intimacy, and many more. These tools work with everyone whether it’s a partner, friend, family, boss, or stranger.

And they can be applied to any stage or level of relationship. For anyone who is at the beginning, the middle or the end of a relationship, this group provides a safe and confidential space to receive and find support and the motivation and practical tools to take you to the next level in all our relationships.

You can attend a single session but are encouraged to attend all four. A $28 “free-will offering” for all four sessions or $7 per session. To pay via PayPal, please click here.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Gill
Senior Minister at Emmanuel
Rev. Dr. Gill holds a Master of Divinity from Anderson School of Theology, a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and has over 20 years of experience in family systems therapy and marriage and family counseling.

Marina Maurino
Teacher/therapist who integrates psychology, spiritual principles and an energy-based perspective with her clients. She has been in practice for over 25 years. Her specialty is all aspects of relationships especially what keeps us disconnected and she teaches practical ways on how best to communicate and connect. She
welcomes anyone ready to work on personal or relationship issues. For more information go to or she can be reached at 201-967-9377

Jo Marie Quinn
Mind-Body Balance
I help to nourish and balance people in their life emotionally, spiritually, and physically.I also specialize in working with men to reawaken their emotional fire.

We are all on our own journey and sometimes we can get stuck. I’m here to help you find balance in mind and body. Without balance, our “whole” being cannot exist without the other. To find balance, we need to go to the “cause” which can be rooted in our subconscious mind and as early as our conception. 

RTT trained (Rapid Transformational Therapy) PractitionerNLP trained (Neurolinguistic Programing) IIN Trained (Institute of Integrated Nutrition)