Staff, Council and Committees

Senior Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Arturo Pierre Lewis            Senior Minister

Rev. Dr. Arturo Pierre Lewis, an ordained American Baptist USA Minister and long-time Ridgewood resident, is an adjunct professor, life coach, and inspirational speaker for schools and faith-based agencies.

A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Rev. Dr. Arturo Pierre Lewis also holds a doctorate in Public Theology from Drew University Theological School. Rev. Lewis is married to Debra Lewis, M.A., a high school counselor and the proud father of Demetrius Lewis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Business, University of California, Riverside.
Email: [email protected]

Associate Pastor Judy Wheeler

The Rev. Judith Wheeler             Pastoral Associate

Since graduating from Drew Theological School in 2007,  Pastor Judy Wheeler has served as Pastoral Associate at Emmanuel. She finds joy in leading worship, Adult Bible study on Sunday mornings and the Women’s Reflection Group. Pastor Judy facilitates the English as a Second Language Program  (ESL) and plans opportunities to “Know Our Faith Neighbors” from other religious traditions.
Email: [email protected]

John Giresi                        
Artistic and Music Director

Donah Homer                    
Communications Director

Jo Marie Quinn                

Pawal Bajon                      


Church Council
January 1 – December 31, 2023

Italics: not ministry members but consultants/ project managers; Bold: new members with yr. of appointment


Moderator: Joan Massler (2023)
Vice Moderator: Marilyn Clark (2023)
Treasurer: Enercida Liriand-Demytrk (2021)
Clerk: Jessica Massler (2020


Trustees Ministry:
Marilyn Clark (2021)
Marie Krieger (2007)
Audrey Cocheo (2018)
Enercida Liriand-Demytrk (2021)
Frank Cocheo (2018)
Michael Reid – Consultant (2023)
Peter Demytrk (2021)
Brent Sjaardema – Consultant (2021)
Debra Hannibal (2023)


Deacons Ministry:
Napolean Davila (2008)
Brent Sjaardema (2010)
William Foresman (2023)
John Thomas (2020)
Diane Shaver-Rowles (2020)
Donald Shaner (2023) – Consultant
Dorcas Diaz Shaner (2023) – Consultant
Pastor Judy Wheeler – Pastoral Care and Prayer Group – Serves on Deacons and Council


Pastoral Care Committee:
Pastor Judy Wheeler

Prayer Group:
Donald Wheeler


Missions Ministry:
Joan Massler (2003)
Nancy MacPhee (2020) 
Nancy Shaver (2007) 
Anita Powell-Byrd (Family Promise) Project Manager
Martin Massler (Covenant House) Project Manager
Brent Sjaardema (Habitat for Humanity) Project Manager

Education Ministry:
Andres Davila (2018)
David Davila (2018)
Heidi Ehman (2020                        
Nancy MacPhee (2018)                         

Caroline Saffioti (2020)
Christine Wheeler (2018)
Hope Ehman-Osborne (2020)
Pastor Arturo Pierre Lewis – Senior Minister and Young Adult and Youth Ministry
Pastor Judy Wheeler – Serves on Education Ministry and Council
Diane Shaver-Rowles – Consultant (2021)

Church Growth and Outreach Ministry:
Marilyn Clark (2020)                      
Christina Demytrk (2020)             
Peter Demytrk (2020)                  
William Foresman (2023)
Martin Massler (2020)
Chrismery Reynoso (2023)
Consultant: Don Wheeler (2021)

Communications Ministry
Jessica Massler (2015)                  
Robert MacPhee (2021)               
Chrismery Reynoso (2023)         
Donah Homer (2019) – Communications Director
Don Wheeler (2015)
Patrice Foresman (2015) – Consultant
Justin Kuo (2018) Consultant Tech

Fellowship and Hospitality Ministry:
Carol Krzeminski & Florence Degelman- Co-Chairs; Heidi Ehman

Long Range Planning Committee:
Joan Massler-Chair; Marilyn Clark, Anita Powell-Byrd, Donald Wheeler

Women of Emmanuel Ministry:
Marilyn Clark – President


Pastoral Relations Committee: 
Carol Krzeminski – Chair; Heidi Ehman, Joan Massler, Brent Sjaardema, Marilyn Clark

Personnel Committee: 

Constitution and By Laws Committee:
Dorcas Diaz-Shaner – Chair; Joan Massler, Nancy Shaver, Don Wheeler, Marilyn Clark

Technology Committee: 
Bob MacPhee – Chair; Don Wheeler,  Ed Mercer (Consultant) and Arthur Aldrich (Consultant)

Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee:
Pastor Judy Wheeler