THEY ARE US COVID-19 Art Installation

Ridgewood resident and Oberlin College student, Ro Miller, has partnered with Emmanuel Church for their first COVID-19 memorial art installation.  

THEY ARE US is an installation created to honor the victims of COVID-19 as well as challenge the traditional symbolism of the U.S flag and the larger ideologies the U.S has supposedly stood for. It asks the viewer to consider the future of a nation at a historical precipice. (source: Ro’s website*)

THEY ARE US consists of 30 hand-painted American flags with the 1000 names of COVID-19 victims taken from the New York Times on Sunday, May 24. The names from the Times’ front page are divided between the flags.

Ro was inspired to create their first art installation after a close friend lost his Dad to COVID-19. In line with Emmanuel’s vision for ministry, the art installation not only honors the victims but causes us to challenge the traditional symbols of the flag in a time of great upheaval and loss in our country.

THEY ARE US is currently displayed in front of Emmanuel Church on 14 Hope St., Ridgewood, NJ. Watch Ro Miller speaking here during our Sunday Service on September 6, 2020.

You can also check out Ro’s website here: (Password: covid19)