Emmanuel is a growing, caring community, celebrating the rich diversity of God’s creation, treasuring our common humanity and following the way of  Christ’s love, justice and mercy in today’s world.


Major changes globally, nationally, and in religion, churches and in our own congregation, challenge us to search for new ways to do church with integrity, faithfulness and relevance.

We are committed to continuous growth in understanding and living out our faith, and in our ability to handle differences, change and conflict. Our identity and core values include emphasis on:


1.   Worship, Bible study, prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices for spiritual growth and to inform discernment in church life, mission and social action

2.   Openness to draw from diverse sources of wisdom in our spiritual journey

3.   Inclusiveness/hospitality in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, special needs, religious background, theology, political and social philosophy in church membership, affiliation and participation in church life and leadership;

4.   Developing new approaches to evangelism and outreach

5.   Commitment to peace and justice among all people

6.   Protecting and restoring the integrity of our earth

7.   Ministry to those marginalized in society, such as the poor and disadvantaged

8.   Affirming our baptist,  community church and progressive heritage